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Is it possible to design an app that make daily repetitive exercises more fun? For children with brain trauma these exercises are essential, yet there was no good app to support them in this task. So Joep Janssen, Real Thinks, Hoogstraat and Monkeybizniz decided to come up with a prototype to explore the possibilities.

The Case

The Hoogstraat Centre for Revalidation in Utrecht in cooperation with Realthinks BV developed an app for patients who suffer from acquired brain injury (ABI) to support them in their rehabilitation therapy. Although the app worked fine for adults, it just did not seem to spark the younger target audience. They turned to Monkeybizniz for expertise in designing for children.

Our Design

To better support children who suffer from acquired brain injury, Monkeybizniz designed a prototype for an app to better support them during their rehabilitation trajectory.

The prototype is improving on the existing app developed by the Hoogstraat Centre for Revalidation in Utrecht in cooperation with Realthinks BV.

The new version combines game mechanics with daily physiotherapy exercises and an engaging narrative to guide the target audience on their therapy trajectory.

The World of Difference

The World of Difference (Wereld van Verschil) is a place where young people can find a place for dealing with upcoming loss and sharing their (imminent) grief with others. A virtual world to help them deal with their grief, fear and other worries, but also to encourage them to remember and rejoice. In addition, it is a platform to keep and share memories with other young people reminding them that they are not alone. Read more »

LUTS & de Mispissers

How do you get children to stick to a therapy program that lasts almost three months? With this question Wilhelmina Children's Hospital came to Monkeybizniz. Together we designed and developed three specialized apps and games to facilitate treatments both in the hospital and at home. Read more »

TNO Synchromania Game

TNO was working on a tabletop game to educate people in logistic services on the benefits of sychromodal planning. Monkeybizniz created the digital online version of this game. Read more »


This animation was made voor Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment). It was used to inform partners and stakeholders of upcoming innovations and changes in the way Rijkswaterstaat works with partners and shares information. Read more »


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